I ordered a cover for iphone from DSstyles.com they took my money sent the wrong case, and want me to pay shipping for the return of the wrong case or just keep it instead of the one I ordered.

It is a month and a half later and I still do not have my money back or the case I ordered.

I followed all their requested by sending them a yahoo email address other than my verizon.net email. It took them over three weeks to respond to the yahoo email.

I sent them a picture of the case they sent me. I followed all the specifications they requested, the picture file size, with the packaging and the envelope it was mailed in, making sure the envelope addresses were clearly leible.

I let them know I did not have a use for the case they sent and I would like the one I ordered. I heard no response until a week later I posted a message on their face book page.

Still no resolution 1 1/2 months later.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #596770

I ordered an DIY crystal case in DSstyles.The case arrived three days after I had placed the order.

The case is in good quality and the pattern is exactly the same as I want.

Thanks for DSstyles CS staff for helping me with my DIY pattern.The case is excellent.


My experience with them has also been shocking.They are a dishonest company whom know nothing about customer satisfaction.

I placed an order with them for an iPhone 4s case and screen protector, all totalling around $86. Later that day I noticed my account had only $1 in it (it's a debit visa account so I transfer money to use it). They had charged me an extra $228.26! Before I even saw that fraudulent transaction, I wrote to them asking them to cancel my order as when I received the confirmation email, I noticed they had included ALL of my visa details (yes I'm even referring to the 3 digit security code!), that alluded to the fact that they were a dodgy company!

I've never known another merchant to do that. Anyway, since the extra charge, they have admitted to it - implying that is was a "system error"...pfft! They have mucked me around so much with regard to refunding me. First they found it too difficult to refund to my visa thus wanted to use my PayPal account, after I agreed they implied it would be in there within 24 hrs...

Needless to say, 24+ hrs came and went and "alas" no money in my PayPal account. Now they are saying the bank is refunding it but it could take them 1-3 days to show me proof of the transaction (I believe they are stalling me). Would you believe they also tried begging me to keep my original order??? Are they freaking kidding?

They should be sending me a free case as compensation! Why on earth would I want to do...

Stay away from dsstyles.com!!!They are fraudsters!!!

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I ordered an IPhone case and a solar charger, its been 2 months and a half since I placed the order.No refund, no order.

They are telling me that my address is undeliverable, which is a total lie, and they want me to pay additional money to deliver it to the same address.(How does that work??)I don't quite get it how will try to deliver it, I guess for additional sum of money this time it is quite a possibility?

Caspian, Michigan, United States #209892

Once I posted my review on several sites including pissedoff.com DSstyles responded.They said they learned a lot and made changes accordingly.

One os the changes they made was to fire an employee dealing with the case. I do not think that was fare, because I do not think the employees were trained to do anything different than what was done. If they learned as a company something about Cust. Serv.

their employees were probably not properly trained hence there shound not be a firing. DS Styles told me I could keep the case free of charge and refunded my money.

They also gave me a discount code toward my next purchase.I doubt I will use it I just do not have that much time and money to go through this again.

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