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My experience with has been shocking to say the least! They are a dishonest company whom know nothing about customer satisfaction.

I placed an order with them for an iPhone 4s case and screen protector, all totalling around $86. Later that day I noticed my account had only $1 in it (it's a debit visa account so I transfer money to use it). They had charged me an extra $228.26! Before I even saw that fraudulent transaction, I wrote to them asking them to cancel my order as when I received the confirmation email, I noticed they had included ALL of my visa details (yes I'm even referring to the 3 digit security code!), that alluded to the fact that they were a dodgy company!

I've never known another merchant to do that. Anyway, since the extra charge, they have admitted to it - implying that it was a "system error"...pfft! They have mucked me around so much with regard to refunding me. First they found it too difficult to refund to my visa thus wanted to use my PayPal account, after I agreed they implied it would be in there within 24 hrs...

Needless to say, 24+ hrs came and went and "alas" no money in my PayPal account. Now they are saying the bank is refunding it but it could take them 1-3 days to show me proof of the transaction (I believe they are stalling me). Would you believe they also tried begging me to keep my original order??? Are they freaking kidding?

They should be sending me a free case as compensation! Why on earth would I want to do business with them after this!? I'm going to go to the authorities and will retrieve the funds through a dispute application via my own bank. I should have done that to begin with but decided I would give them the benefit of the doubt, plus I didn't want to cause trouble for their business if it was a genuine mistake, but they have avoided my emails and live chats, they make excuse after excuse and so many things just don't add up.

They are clearly trying to *** me, which I don't understand at all because I'll get the money back one way or another, I don't see why they wouldn't choose to make things easier on themselves. Stay away from!!!

They are fraudsters and absolute bad news!!! They couldn't have picked a worse time of year to rip someone off!

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My purchase is a gift to my girl. Item arrived with at least 1 dozen crystals missing, glue stains everywhere , the main white flower was hanging off, plastic case was full of fingerprints and foggy.

it looked horrible.

just nasty and I paid this scam for 100 bucks, I much regret not to paid 50 extra bucks to another brand!

Although my girl didn't show how disappointed she was, i was really frustrated as you got me a trash for that price. You guys are HORRIBLE.


I tried to cancel my order within five minutes of ordering a case and they wouldn't cancel it and return my money. I was told it was already in production.

I asked again to cancel and was told that if I didn't like it I could send it back and get a refund. I am mad at myself for not checking out this website and the reviews before I ordered the case. The minute I saw that is was in China I knew I was screwed. I received my case after a month and it is not worth 196 dollars.

Not even close. I can buy the same thing at a kiosk in the mall for 15 dollars. All the rhinestones are on it but I am expecting they will fall off soon. I know that it is pointless to try to return it and get my money back.

I am going to chalked it up as a expensive lesson learned.

Unless you want to waste your money, don't order from them. This case is not worth the money.


It seems that their services have been improved a lot. I ordered a DIY case from DSstyles.

It was about $250.

As it was a DIY case, I contacted their CS team for several times on the payment as well as the design. They were willing to help and reply timely.


Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for taking the time to write a comment to us. Recently this reviewing site has come to our attention and we sincerely sorry that we didn't discover the comments timely to take relevant action for every valuable customer.

We greatly encourage and welcome customers to leave any comments or issues about our service to get immediate response from DSstyles in DS. Official Facebook Fan Page

While many customers report to us that a bunch of copying sites imitate our brand in providing fraudulent products and poor service that include,, ,. Please pay extra attention if you're intended to purchase from DSstyles.


Customer Service Manager



Unluckily i was trapped by this fake, I found that they were stealing product photos from and other cases companies. Just take a look at their product photo, the watermark is from their company but other genuine case provider.

I didn't aware of that until i saw many complaint about this company on the web. I was regret to spend my money with a iPad case from them as the quality is poorly made and the order takes one month to arrive. The company is based in China and you can hardly understand their English in any of their email. DO STAY AWAY FROM THIS FAKE AND I DON"T WANT ANYONE WILL BE TRAPPED AS LIKE AS ME!



This company is trash and I will never ever do business with them again. It's sad that I saw them on a local news station and fell for this *** bc that just means there are many other who will do the same.

My phone case took over a month to get to me and when I let them know it wouldnt fit, they said sell it on eBay or give it as a gift. How professional...

Not. I hate this company.


Stay Away from this SCAM!! Fxxk, I placed an order from them 2 months ago and yet receive my stuff.

It sucks! Don't have any business with this fake company!


Thanks Stefstar23


I am the customer service manager from DSSTYLES. Please send me email at review[at] so I can try my best to handle for you.


Clearly the company read this as the very next day the money was waiting in my PayPal account (so it was an utter fabrication that the bank had already refunded the full amount to my credit card). They lumped me with the PayPal fee initially upon issuing the refund, but following some convincing deposited that amount.

The company also sent me a free phone case.

Although I eventually received a refund as well as a complimentary phone case, I would still steer clear of this company. They are absolute fraudsters and will have no qualms about stealing your money!

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